Case Study

Fintech Product-UK

Our Contribution – Technology Consulting, Architecture & Design, Ui/Ux, Web frontend,
Backend & APIs

The Idea

About Project

The aim was to build a platform with all the UK companies data. This data was then sanitized and made ready for analysis. Various information of companies and directors was consolidated and presented in a meaningful way.

By reading balance sheets some of the missing data was predicted & calculated. Data was categorised by industry and many other aspects. Industry wise index values were derived and used in calculations for companies performance.

This product was designed to be a SaaS based and constantly updated. It is meant for
investors and people who research company performances


Tech Stack

Server side

Client side (Web)

Key Challenges

  1. One of the key challenges was to import a huge amount of company data. About 14 million records. And also keep updating it on a weekly basis.
  2. Webapp needed to be able to search companies very fast, considering so much data it was a big task, to get search results under 3 seconds.
  3. Webapp itself needed to load very quickly, under a couple of seconds to keep visitors engaged.
  4. Detailed Behaviour of webapp visitors was required to be tracked in order to improve and generate leads for marketing.

Our solutions

  1. Our team did a fabulous job by creating an import module. It was tested for performance many times and many key improvements were applied to get it to a satisfactory level.
  2. We implemented Elastic Search with appropriate indexes to enable a superfast search. Queries for search were also optimised over time.
  3. Webapp was written using ReactJS & Redux. So load time was high for the home page. We were one of the early implementers of Server side rendering using webpack. It gave fabulous results.
  4. Our team built a user tracking module and tracked all activities of webapp visitors. Events were noted and tracked for user activity and a detailed reporting was built. Registered as well as non registered users data is now available for analysis. This gave a big boost to marketing and lead generation teams.


  1. With a small team of 3 developers & 1 tester we could deliver the project within time and budget with superb quality.
  2. Search works superfast and works under 3 seconds
  3. Web app loads quickly enough to keep visitors engaged. The attractive & clean Ui/UX was also applauded by our customer. Also responsive mobile friendly ui helped achieve it.
  4. Tracking module worked well, as it could pinpoint user dropout issues and any other site usage issues.
  5. This was a comprehensive platform solution we built from scratch. Our customer brought in subject matter expertise and we worked as a team to deliver to their expectations.