We offer our assistance in
Consulting Development  Catalogue Management  Content Writing Digital Marketing UI / UX Testing Deployment
to build a perfect eCommerce platform

Our service is well structured to carry out eCommerce platform development. Our highly experienced team can consult on every aspect of eCommerce platform, may it be a typical eCommerce solutions or a bespoke custom solution.

The Iconnect way

Team iConnect provides everything an eCommerce-driven enterprise would require to run their business efficiently, from ground up to profitability.

Our Methodology

By our experts;
For you

We’ve successfully deployed all the above services for a diverse spectrum of industry needs, viz. brands in the consumer electronics, beauty and personal care, books, footwear, grocery, home furnishings space; and services in the finance, trade, education and consulting niches.

Our team of experienced eCommerce development experts will help guide your online entry strategy and decide which marketplaces are right for you to sell your products and reach a more extensive array of customers.

We provide support for

  • Consulting
  • Development (Bespoke / CMS based)
  • Catalogue Management
  • Content Writing & Localisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI / UX | Testing
  • Deployment

Covering All Major Streams

Industries we Cater

We’ve successfully deployed all our services for a diverse spectrum of industry needs

Beauty and Personal Care
Foot wares
Home Furnishings Space

Analysis, Go-to-Market Strategy, Execution

E-commerce Consultation

Consulting is an amorphous term that could trigger different things to different people. But before telling you what this service covers, iConnect’s consulting services are specifically directed towards first time entrants into the digital ocean, or existing web stores looking at upscaling.

To give you a fly-over of our consulting process, here’s how it flows:
Business need analysis, viz. engaging with you to study your unique product or service offering, executing a competitive analysis, studying your specific customer segments and their paying patterns, which will be helpful in revenue planning.

Solution architecture recommendations, which will be need based and dependent upon customer penetration, estimated load factors, and potential traffic inflow

ROI analysis, is done using statistical methods to enumerate the return on investment.

Go-to-market strategy, is a carefully executed and intentional plan involving key stakeholders, based on expected growth volumes, projected P&L and cash flows.

Minimum Viable Product: is arrived at in counsel with investor and customer expectations and scheduled for a planned rollout, with specifically defined and measured success criteria in place.

Mobile First

Application Development

The application build begins once the functional specifications are done and dusted, and an agreed-upon project plan is in place, that has been mutually signed off with iConnect.

Client engagement, project management, development and creative teams meld in here, to commence the eCom solution build, using a choice of technology preferences.

Our deep expertise spans CMS based  Open Source digital eCom platform ; or bespoke solution development, using a MEAN / MERN, Java stack.

Should the need arise, our specialists also write plug-ins, extensions or enhancements to your existing application functionality, with your preference of a tech stack.
Creating mobile apps for the PlayStore or AppStore, is also part of our application development service repertoire.

Product Management

Catalogue Management

At iConnect, content curation encompassing creation of digital images from physical assets, enhance graphics and rendering them compatible to various form factors is a core service that many of our clients opt for.

Product categorisation, segregation and UI-optimised files based on search etymology is a core service offering, together with rendering product catalogues into digital or print-ready formats for marketing and promotion initiatives.

Structured Content

Content Curation

Content has become one of the cornerstones that contribute to the way users interact with eCom websites. Properly used and managed, it can be the accelerator and lever to greater success and fulfilment of a user’s needs, time spent on the site as well as purchase decisions.

The trained and experienced content curation team at iConnect, has been instrumental in creating and showcasing our client’s products and services in the best light possible.

“Write the right content by the right writer”. iConnect ensures that domain experts are assigned to write the content.

iConnect now specializes in localizing this content in multiple languages as well. We can localize your content whether it is On-Screen Text of your Mobile application or web content of your webstore or any marketing collaterals. Our network of domain expert Translators and a Translation Memory tool and system will help you localize your content into 45 major languages of the world right from Arabic, Chinese (Simplified) to Nordic and major European and Latin American languages.

Social Media Handles

Digital Marketing

Your webstore is up with all the products/services. Now it is time to promote it on various channels. There are clutter of services and channels to perform Marketing. Selecting the one that best fits your needs is the mantra for success. Our young guns are roaring to go on drop of a hat and ensure that your webstore gets enough visibility in the online world via social media communications, on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

SEO and SCO optimization is key to Digital Marketing. There has been numerous examples of disoriented approach between Dev team, the Content Writers and Marketeers leading to loss of opportunity and eventual market loss. And this is where iConnect can add real value. With all the teams working under same banner it gives you enough flexibility to focus on your core expertise and let the various team synergize to take your Product and/or Services to the right people in right time.

Best Designing Approach

UI / UX, Testing, Security Audit & Deployment Services

In the User Interface (UI) design and User Experience (UX) space, the iConnect design team has achieved global usability and design heuristics, by integrating internationally accepted best practices and principles into the storefronts they turn out. Designing custom interfaces or utilising themes for a quicker and more cost-effective turnaround, as per our client’s needs.

Functional and Usability Testing of websites before go live, is an integral part of the iConnect process, leading to a final sign off.

Considering the security breaches most websites come under these days, Security Audits is another highly recommended iConnect Service. As is the installation of custom code audits as well as the installation of security patches, depending on need.

Deploying your eCom application online over AWS, Azure or a variety of other cloud servers is where you can count on iConnect’s Network Services team for.

Without much ado

Let's start your project

We identify a Team Lead and developers & tester to form a team of 4-6 people. The Team Lead is primarily responsible for Each iteration/sprint. We can agree on a schedule and number of sprints required and a fair cost model is worked out based on this.