PURPLe Pi is an India based startup focussed on developing Virtual Store solutions for Modern Trade Retail.

Grails 2.4.X (Spring, Hibernate)
Angular JS 1.5.X
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Apache Cordova 8.X

Problem Statement

PURPLe Pi wanted to convert the idea into a full-fledged working model that can be demonstrated to large organized Retailers like DMart, Big Bazaar and so on. And because of the innovative nature of the Idea there was a need for a Solution Developer to have iterative and Agile approach with limitation on time and budget.

Approach to deliver the solution

Through meticulously planning each stage in coordination with Client, iConnect managed not only to develop and deploy the first MVP model in market in less than 8 months but also ensured that some of the most challenging aspects in the Solution like building a lite version of CMS accessible through Mobile for Retailers, deploying a working Mobile App on iOS and Android PlayStore with scan and add to cart functionalities, etc. are developed, tested and deployed.


PURPle Pi has a single and multi-tenancy option for Organized Retailers to subscribe to. Upon subscription, a Retailer can host his inventory over a virtual store in no time, publish Catalog and even build a complete Virtual Store offline in a physical setup.

Retailer can manage Offers/Discounts as well pricing all using Mobile App. A complete Order Management System was also built in and available on Mobile App.

A separate iOS and Android mobile App was developed for Consumer to scan and order.

Current state of the Solution

The Solution is deployed at couple of locations and is running successfully. iConnect also partnered with Client for demonstrating the Solution to some of the big names in Retail industry like DMart and Big Bazaar.