Idonneous–a leading marketing agency based out of Mumbai, India has a strong presence across large FMCG brands. And provides BTL (Below The Line) In Store Campaigns by employing a large workforce to carry out Product roll out campaigns, etc.

Grails 3.3.X (Spring, Hibernate)
Angular JS 1.5.X
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Apache Cordova 8.X

Problem Statement

The inherent challenges that are typical for any leading FMCG Products are around managing Product roll outs with scores of touchpoints and collecting sensible data to take appropriate and actionable decisions.Idonneous wanted to fill this gap with a technology solution and this is where they approached iConnect with the problem statement.

Approach to deliver the solution

As part of defining the Solutions, iConnect first listed out modules like –Store and Promotion Management, Promoters and Time Management, Content Delivery services and Stock forecasting. To take advantage of the last mile challenges, all these services needed to be available on Handheld devices with user friendly and highly responsive, intuitive Applications.


A Mobile App was developed for the Promoters and their TLs to capture data like photos, day sales reports, out of stock, gps locations and attendance all in real time.Campaign Designers and leaders has a handle on the content delivery to field team as well generate reports around the Campaign anytime anywhere.

Current state of the Solution

iConnect is providing managed Application Services and the Solutions is currently LIVE and being used by more than 500 Promoters across India.